Reuzel Products are top of the line. They are by far my favorite to use on those classic pompadour and slicked back looks. The red tin is the lightest pomade, but a little goes a long way with these products. They can last a long time. Plus, the gritty product design looks way cool.


American Crew is the “official supplier to men”. They are frontrunner when it comes to men’s grooming. My favorite product from Crew is the Fiber. It has a high hold to keep your hair in place all day, and a low shine. The matte finish gives it a clean look that doesn’t look greasy.

Bumble and Bumble products are not that well known amongst male consumers , but Sumotech  is a wonderful moulding combination of a wax, creme, and pomade. Modern technology at it’s finest. It’s perfect for those really textured hairstyles. It’s flexible with a lasting memory. It’s one of the main products I used in my own hair when I had short hair.

Another Reuzel product I love. The hair tonics! They are oil-free formulas that help keep your hair controlled and in place all day. You can pour some in your hand and run it through your hair. It’s very light compared to the other Reuzel products. It’s great for all hair types and smells amazing. I sometimes put it on my clients as a starter to styling their hair because it smells so great.