Choosing the Right Stylist For You

You just moved to a new town and you need to find a new stylist. Or your neighborhood barber who has been cutting you hair since you were 6 finally decided to retire and move to a small island far away from you. Long story short, you need to find a new stylist. One you can trust. One that is worthy of touching your locks. Yes, we’ve all been there. Or at least many of us.
Have no worries, lucky for you, there are salons and barbershops on almost every block depending on what city you live in. Even if you live in a small town, there is a stylist waiting for you to walk in and claim them. The trick is to try a few, or many, or just one. If you click and like them and like your haircut, then rebook with them. If your haircut looks great a second time and you enjoyed your conversation or comfortable silence, then you probably found your stylist. It is very simple. If you vibe, you vibe. And that’s all there is to it.